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We are a biotechnology company developing novel small molecule multi-pathway modulators for the treatment of cancer, fibrosis, and inflammatory diseases. We have amassed a significant wealth of expertise in our therapeutic areas of interest, with decades of drug development experience.

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Our therapies modulate key pathways of cancer, fibrosis and lung disease

Our novel therapeutic candidates target well-known hallmarks of disease that drive cancer, fibrotic and cardio-oncology indications. We have built a broad pipeline stemming from our proprietary technology platform, which consists of a library of oral small molecule IL-11 inhibitors with compelling data in animal models of cancer and fibrosis coupled with remarkable safety profiles.

NMX1, our lead oral small molecule candidate, inhibits mTOR signaling and secretion of IL-11 to treat the tumor while activating AMPK to protect the heart in TNBC.  The company is also advancing several candidates designed to treat fibrotic diseases, liquid tumors, and atopic dermatitis.

“Working at NovoMedix has provided me so many opportunities to grow and learn in the exicting field of cancer and fibrosis drug development. I look forward to helping NovoMedix transform patients’ lives with our novel approach.”

Igor Belka, Senior Research Associate

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